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Country Star Unharmed In Car Crash

Jewel was in a car crash and her and the expected baby are doing fine and unharmed. “Geez – I didn’t really see the accident I was in til the paper yesterday,” the singer, 36,Tweeted,Monday. “The fire truck def won.” in PEOPLE mag.The truck collided Friday with the unoccupied passenger side of her Cadillac SRX.I’m […]

Zac Brown Adds Another Family Member

The happy couple has welcomed Joni Mason Brown to their family of three other little girls. Zac and Shelly Brown received Joni on Wednesday morning, February 2 outside of Atlanta, Ga.Joni joins her three sisters Justice, 4, Lucy, 2½, and Georgia Sloan, 16 months. Congratulations to the happy family.Hope it continues to grow.

Jewel and Ty Murray Having A Boy

Jewel and Ty Murray had been
 waiting to find out the sex of their baby before finalizing a remodel of 
their guest room at their 2,200-acre ranch in Texas.They had been trying for two years to have one,and I am so glad they have been blessed and are now expecting a boy.I know Ty is […]

Carrie Underwood’s Engaged!

Carrie Underwood is engaged!!Underwood, 26, and Fisher have kept their year-long relationship mostly under the radar,but it is now official!I am so happy for them and I hope it works out!!I wish them the best!:)

LeAnn Rimes’ New Song ‘Crazy Women’

I am so excited for LeAnn’s new song ‘Crazy Women’.It’s like Carrie Underwood’s song ‘Before He Cheats’ and it is so good.The single is “just such a fun song to sing along and laugh with,” Rimes says.It is such and fun song and it is a hoot to listen too.It’s kinda what every women thinks […]

Congrats Blake Shelton!!

I was so happy to hear that Blake Shelton was one of the newest members in the Grand Ole Opry!I was so happy for him,and he really deserves it.His mom,dad,sister,and 4,00 other fans were there to support him.His Fiance Miranda Lambert couldn’t make it,but was so excited for him and wished she was there to […]