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Britney Spears conservatorship extended

According to this website ,Britney Spears will remain under the watchful eye of her father. Brittany has done some really crazy things. Of course this is why the fans and paparazzi loves this girl. The website goes on to say that they do not know how long the conservator ship will remain in place, but […]

Have you heard of dailybooth??

Dailybooth.Com is a website where you take a photo of yourself daily and it gets placed into a website with your other photos. You find other friends or family members that have dailybooth. It is pretty neat seeing all your pictures. Nice pictures and not so nice photos. Some celebrities are even doing it! You […]

How to pick the perfect purse

The holidays are just around the corner and what a perfect gift to tell your special someone or friend that you want a new purse. A new purse can make any outfit! Before you spend a lot of money on a purse, think about these questions… How much do you want to spend on your […]

Do you twitter?

Do you have twitter? Twitter is a web based program that allows you to post whatever you want. It has gotten very popular lately. It seems as thought everyone has a twitter account these days. Not only can you “twitter” online, you can twitter on your iphone/itouch and most mobile web based cell phones. It […]