Chris Brown shows up to Rihanna birthday party but doesn’t want anyone knowing he was there

Oh let me tell you… Chris Brown was trying to be all secretive when he showed up at Rihanna’s birthday party. Chris Brown tried to have guests sign a confidentiality agreement before he went into the Hearst Mansion in Beverly Hills. Chris didn’t want his picture taken or havee anybody talking about him being at Rihanna’s party.

It is quite understandable why people would talk since Chris Brown got in trouble for beating Rihanna while the couple was boyfriend and girlfriend. A lot of people do not approve of these two hanging out together. Legally Rihanna and Chris can hang out together since the restraining order has been lifted.

I don’t condone in any way domestic violence and I don’t think a good message is being sent to the young fans who follow Rihanna. Everyone is allowed to do what they want but I just think that being a public figure you should set the example.

picture courtesy of TMZ

Could a reconciliation be in the works?

Oh let me tell you… Kobe and his soon to be ex wife were caught kissing and hanging out together last night on Valentine’s day. The couple who are in the middle of a divorce were seen together after the Lakers game. Vanessa Bryant was in the stands watching her husband play his game and afterwards walked the tunnel and even kissed him on the way to the locker room.

Could a reconciliation be in the works for Vanessa and Kobe? Sources have said that although they were going through a divorce they believed that they had a chance of getting back together. Vanessa was recently awarded all three properties that they both owned and in my opinion if they still love each other why not throw out the divorce and work on their marriage.

I believe that if there is still love between the two everything can be worked out. Both Kobe and Vanessa looked happy and in love so why go through a divorce if there is still hope?

picture courtesy of tmz

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have been hanging out together

Oh let me tell you… Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have been seen together recently. The ex couple might just end up back together again. Sources close to them say that they are very good friends and so far there isnt a relationship.

“They don’t know what will happen,” the source says. “They’re taking it slow. They love each other so much and miss each other, but their relationship is  so complicated.

I have a feeling that these two will end up together again. I believe it should have been Reggie who Kim should have been shopping for mens tungsten wedding bands for. It should have been Reggie Kim married in the first place. I wonder if they get back together that it will be the last time they are together and end up getting married? I really hope Kim finds the happy ending she has been looking for all her life.

Bobbi Kristina carefully watched by family members after losing her mom Whitney Houston

Oh let me tell you…. On saturday Whitney Houston was found dead in her Beverly Hilton hotel room bathtub. WHitney was supposed to be attending ther Clive Davis party that was hosted that evening. Many have been left devastated by her departure but her daughter is the one who has been left most devastated.

Bobbi Kristina who is Whitney’s only daughter has been in and out of the hospital after suffering a emotional breakdown. Many of her family members are keeping a close eye on her becuase they are worried about her emotional state and are worried she might try to commit suicide. I can only imagine the heartbreak her daughter and her ex husband and all those around her are going through.

It is very hard to lose a loved one. Many celebrities are blaming the singer’s demise on drugs but until the toxicology reports come out  I rather not speculate what happened. All I know is that another special singer has left us too soon.

Nate Dogg’s estate and record label owner are being sued for Nate Dogg’s medical cost

Oh let me tell you… Nate Dogg’s estate and his record label owner David Michery are in a bind since they are both being sued for Nate Dogg’s medical costs. The medical facility where Nate Dogg was staying at says there were not paid for the care Nate recieved and David says that all his rapper friends who should have been there for him all turned a blind eye.

I can see David’s point but  owing 300k is not like buying some  tungsten wedding bands  which cost way less than the medical bill that Nate’s estate is currently being sued for. I personally want to know where all the royalties from Nate’s cds have gone? How can he not have any money to cover his medical costs. Where are all his rapper friends who have made tons of millions? I know if I was rich I would help my friends out.

I hope some of his friends can get together and somehow come up with the money that is owed to the facility.

Kristen Cavallari shows off her barely there baby bump

Oh let me tell you…. Kristen Cavallari showed her barely there baby bump at Wednesday  nights premiere of “This means war ”  Kristen who let us know in January that she was expecting a baby with her on again fiance Jay Cutler has been positively glowing. Even though Kristen says she is not rushing to plan the wedding I am sure she can benefit from checking out some mens wedding bands.

I guess it is the new Hollywood “in” thing to have a baby first and then get married.Although Kristen and Jayy were previously engaged and were set to get married and then they called the engagment off and then a few months later got reengaged. I can’t say that it suprises me what these celebrities do when it comes to engagements and weddings.

I really hope everything works out for these two because breakups and divorces are much harder when children are involved. I will say this I can’t wait to see what their baby looks likes.

Bend it like Beckham’s Parmind Nagra has filed for divorce

Oh let me tell you… Parminder Nagra sure could use  the day spa in Huntington Beach to relax after filing for divorce from her husband photographer James Stenson. The couple who dated for over 7 years before getting married have called it quits. Parminder and James have a two year old son.

It really is a shame that their marriage only lasted three years. They had such a nice wedding too, with many of her celeb friends attending and even having John Stamos play the drums at her wedding. I always say that Hollywood marriages are doomed. I always think some couples are going to make it and they dont.

I wonder if the secret to a celeb marriage is to move out of Hollywood? I really hope that some of these celebs who are getting ready to get married really think about what they are doing. I really believe that none of the celebrities out there take marriage seriously.

M.I.A splits from her billionaire boyfriend and baby daddy

Oh let me tell you…… M.I.A. shocked many when she gave the bird during Sunday nights superbowl halftime performance. What is even more shocking is that the rapper has also split from her Billionaire boyfriend and father of her child Benjamin Bronfman. MIA is said to be living in London while her ex boyfriend and her son reside in New York.

Sources have said that M.I.A sometimes takes up to six weeks before she even sees her son. I think Benjamin can forget about the ornate wedding rings if she can’t even spend some time with their child. I think that its best that this couple didn’t get married and decided to break up before they had a lavish wedding.

I think it is always better to call things off before you go spending millions on a wedding that will last only 72 days *cough* Kim Kardashian cough* Now I am only wondering if Sundays flipping of the bird will cause even more problems for M.I.A than the ones she is currently going on in her personal life?

Anne Hathaway and fiance celebrate their engagement with friends and family

Oh let me tell you what Anne Hathaway was doing this weekend. Anne and her fiance Adam Shulman celebrated their engagement on Saturday night with friends and family. The 125-person fete was held at Housing Works Bookstore Café in downtown Manhattan and it was  quite the intimate soiree there wasnt any celebrities just friends and family.

I am sure the next step for this couple is sending out couples shower invitations. “We hit it off immediately,” Hathaway has said of her man, who proposed in November, adding at a different time that she is, “very much in love with him.” These affirmations make me think that these two love birds are made for each other. I haven’t seen Anne smile so big and be so happy. Hopefully their love will last a lifetime.

I am sure Anne will be looking for the wedding dress of her dreams and I cannot wait to see what it looks like. I am sure her dress will be fit for a princess though. Do you think her dress will be anything like the fancy dresses she has worn in her movies?


Reese and family enjoy Disneyland

Oh let me tell you… How Reese Witherspoon spent her weekend. The Actress and her husband and kids along with some family members went to Disneyland and has some wonderful family time getting on the family attractions. The actress enjoyed the park and mingled along with the help of a special escort.

I wish I would have went to Disneyland this past weekend and maybe had the chance to catch a glimpse of the actress enjoying the Happiest place on earth.