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Ever lather up in Crisco and go looking to party?

Apparently this man felt that way, oh and he also had a small amount of meth as well. Hmmm, I guess that is a lesson to most people to stay away from a drug that eats holes in your brain, you never know when all reasoning could leave you. Arrested early Monday, this man is […]

Mark Wahlberg takes his two oldest children to get his tattoos removed

Oh let me tell you… Mark Walhberg is making sure he teaches his children to learn from his mistakes. Mark took his two oldest children Ella Rae,8 and Michael 5 1/2 to have his tattooes removed. Mark’s kids learned how painful it is to have tattoos removed and he is hoping that his kids don’t […]

Chris Brown shows up to Rihanna birthday party but doesn’t want anyone knowing he was there

Oh let me tell you… Chris Brown was trying to be all secretive when he showed up at Rihanna’s birthday party. Chris Brown tried to have guests sign a confidentiality agreement before he went into the Hearst Mansion in Beverly Hills. Chris didn’t want his picture taken or havee anybody talking about him being at […]

Bobbi Kristina carefully watched by family members after losing her mom Whitney Houston

Oh let me tell you…. On saturday Whitney Houston was found dead in her Beverly Hilton hotel room bathtub. WHitney was supposed to be attending ther Clive Davis party that was hosted that evening. Many have been left devastated by her departure but her daughter is the one who has been left most devastated. Bobbi Kristina […]

Bend it like Beckham’s Parmind Nagra has filed for divorce

Oh let me tell you… Parminder Nagra sure could use  the day spa in Huntington Beach to relax after filing for divorce from her husband photographer James Stenson. The couple who dated for over 7 years before getting married have called it quits. Parminder and James have a two year old son. It really is […]

M.I.A splits from her billionaire boyfriend and baby daddy

Oh let me tell you…… M.I.A. shocked many when she gave the bird during Sunday nights superbowl halftime performance. What is even more shocking is that the rapper has also split from her Billionaire boyfriend and father of her child Benjamin Bronfman. MIA is said to be living in London while her ex boyfriend and […]

Justin Bieber plans to submit his DNA to prove he is not the dad

Justin Bieber has agreed to have his DNA tested to prove he is not the father of Mariah Yeater’s baby. Justin’s lawyers are also letting Mariah and her lawyers know that they plan to sue to show there are consequences to making false accusations. Justin has agreed to take the test sometime next week when […]

Justin Bieber claims that he is not the father of that baby and never met the woman

Oh Let me tell you… Justin Bieber is being accused of fathering a baby boy  after a fan says she had a one night stand with the singer. Justin bieber is dismissing these allegations saying that he never met the woman. Mariah  Yeater says she was whisked away by a security guard to meet Bieber following an […]

Hugh Grant has become a daddy to a baby girl

Oh Let me tell you …. Hugh Grant is a dad!! Yeah you read that right Hugh got someone pregnant and now he is the father to a litte daughter. “I can confirm that Hugh Grant is the delighted father of a baby girl,” his  rep says in a statement. “He and the mother had a […]

Lindsay Lohan hears the clink of the handcuffs being put on her wrists

Oh let me tell you…. Lindsay Lohan had her day in court today. Lindsay  was handcuffed while in court and had to pay a 100,000 dollar bail to be released. Lindsay os due back in court on Nov2 to formally determine wether or not she has violated her probation. Lindsay also has to complete 120 hours […]