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Sean Young arrested at the Governor’s ball

Oh let me tell you… Sean Young was arrested after being ejected from the Governor’s ball following Sunday’s night Oscar ceremony. It seems that Sean Young was arguing with the guard over taking pictures and not having a ticket for admittance. The actress, 52, was placed under citizens’ arrest by another member of the security […]

Gerard Butler has gotten out of rehab and is doing great

Oh let me tell you … Gerard Butler has just finished a stint in rehab. Gerard is the man of my dreams and I wouldn’t mind buying him a few tungsten rings to show my devotion to him, where was I oh yeah … I am glad to see that Gerard got the help he needed […]

Why haven’t we seen Jessica Biel’s engagement ring ?

Oh let me tell you…. Jessica Biel has been engged for a few months now and I still haven’t sen her engagement ring. I wonder why she is hiding it from public view? I bet if Justin Timberlake had given her some  titanium bracelets she wouldn’t have hidden it. Justin and Jessica had been dating for […]

It seems Jessica Simpson is thinking pink for her baby

Oh let me tell you …. Could Jessica Simpson be having a baby girl? It seems that jessica might be right in her prediction of having a baby girl. The singer was seen shopping for pink items along with her mom at  L.A.’s Bel Bambini boutique . Jessica is set to have a baby shower in March […]

Mark Wahlberg takes his two oldest children to get his tattoos removed

Oh let me tell you… Mark Walhberg is making sure he teaches his children to learn from his mistakes. Mark took his two oldest children Ella Rae,8 and Michael 5 1/2 to have his tattooes removed. Mark’s kids learned how painful it is to have tattoos removed and he is hoping that his kids don’t […]

Robin Thicke is arrested for marijuana

Oh let me tell you… Robin Thicke got caught smoking marijuana in New York City this afternoon and was arrested. Paula Patton’s husband was smoking a joint in a black Cadillac Escalade although he was not driving h was still approached by officers and was arrested for smoking a joint. Robin Thicke wass given a […]

Chris Brown shows up to Rihanna birthday party but doesn’t want anyone knowing he was there

Oh let me tell you… Chris Brown was trying to be all secretive when he showed up at Rihanna’s birthday party. Chris Brown tried to have guests sign a confidentiality agreement before he went into the Hearst Mansion in Beverly Hills. Chris didn’t want his picture taken or havee anybody talking about him being at […]

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have been hanging out together

Oh let me tell you… Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have been seen together recently. The ex couple might just end up back together again. Sources close to them say that they are very good friends and so far there isnt a relationship. “They don’t know what will happen,” the source says. “They’re taking it […]

Kristen Cavallari shows off her barely there baby bump

Oh let me tell you…. Kristen Cavallari showed her barely there baby bump at Wednesday  nights premiere of “This means war ”  Kristen who let us know in January that she was expecting a baby with her on again fiance Jay Cutler has been positively glowing. Even though Kristen says she is not rushing to […]

Bend it like Beckham’s Parmind Nagra has filed for divorce

Oh let me tell you… Parminder Nagra sure could use  the day spa in Huntington Beach to relax after filing for divorce from her husband photographer James Stenson. The couple who dated for over 7 years before getting married have called it quits. Parminder and James have a two year old son. It really is […]