Why haven’t we seen Jessica Biel’s engagement ring ?

Oh let me tell you…. Jessica Biel has been engged for a few months now and I still haven’t sen her engagement ring. I wonder why she is hiding it from public view? I bet if Justin Timberlake had given her some  titanium bracelets she wouldn’t have hidden it. Justin and Jessica had been dating for quite a while and if he didn’t propse he was going to lose her.

I am wondering if Jessica is still worried about Justin’s wondering eyes? I really hope Justin has gotten over his partying stage in life and is ready to settle down and have some kids. I am sorry to say that both of them are not getting any younger and if you have been a relationship for so long you should make an honest women out of her and settle down.

I really hope we see Jessica out with her engagement ring soon or I am going to be worried about them getting married.

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