Nicole” Snooki” Polizzi pregnant? Sources say she is

Oh let me tell you….. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is pregnant. Although Nicole tried to deny that she was expecting when she went to ABC’s Good morning America  sources say tthat the Jersey Shore reality star is currently 3 months pregnant. The father of her baby is Jionni LaValle.

Nicole told GoodMorning America “I definitely do want kids, but I’m not pregnant,” Snooki, 25, told Lara Spencer. “Being pregnant should be a real thing and a happy thing, and I’m not.”  I understand not wanting to say anything during the first three months of pregnancy but I also think that you should flat out lie about things when asked directly.

Maybe Snooki was waiting for a  magazine to offer her a good deal to publish the news of her pregnancy. If she was waiting for a magazine to publish the news The New York post has beat her to it. I am also thinking that one of the reasons for not coming out with the pregnancy news is that Snooki and J-woww have just begun filming their new show and the pregnancy will certainly change things for the show.

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