Kristen Cavallari shows off her barely there baby bump

Oh let me tell you…. Kristen Cavallari showed her barely there baby bump at Wednesday  nights premiere of “This means war ”  Kristen who let us know in January that she was expecting a baby with her on again fiance Jay Cutler has been positively glowing. Even though Kristen says she is not rushing to plan the wedding I am sure she can benefit from checking out some mens wedding bands.

I guess it is the new Hollywood “in” thing to have a baby first and then get married.Although Kristen and Jayy were previously engaged and were set to get married and then they called the engagment off and then a few months later got reengaged. I can’t say that it suprises me what these celebrities do when it comes to engagements and weddings.

I really hope everything works out for these two because breakups and divorces are much harder when children are involved. I will say this I can’t wait to see what their baby looks likes.

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