Gerard Butler has gotten out of rehab and is doing great

Oh let me tell you … Gerard Butler has just finished a stint in rehab. Gerard is the man of my dreams and I wouldn’t mind buying him a few tungsten rings to show my devotion to him, where was I oh yeah … I am glad to see that Gerard got the help he needed as many actors and actresses won’t get the help til it’s to late.

Gerard Butler, 42, checked himself into the Betty Ford clinic three weeks ago because he realized he was becoming reliant on prescription drugs after being badly injured in a surfing accident in December, TMZ reported.

“Gerard has completed a successful course of treatment and has returned home in good health,” says the spokesperson. “We will not be making any further comment at this time.”  I am glad to see that Gerard has come back home and I can’t wait to see him back on the big screen and in my dreams.

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