Chris Brown shows up to Rihanna birthday party but doesn’t want anyone knowing he was there

Oh let me tell you… Chris Brown was trying to be all secretive when he showed up at Rihanna’s birthday party. Chris Brown tried to have guests sign a confidentiality agreement before he went into the Hearst Mansion in Beverly Hills. Chris didn’t want his picture taken or havee anybody talking about him being at Rihanna’s party.

It is quite understandable why people would talk since Chris Brown got in trouble for beating Rihanna while the couple was boyfriend and girlfriend. A lot of people do not approve of these two hanging out together. Legally Rihanna and Chris can hang out together since the restraining order has been lifted.

I don’t condone in any way domestic violence and I don’t think a good message is being sent to the young fans who follow Rihanna. Everyone is allowed to do what they want but I just think that being a public figure you should set the example.

picture courtesy of TMZ

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