Bend it like Beckham’s Parmind Nagra has filed for divorce

Oh let me tell you… Parminder Nagra sure could use  the day spa in Huntington Beach to relax after filing for divorce from her husband photographer James Stenson. The couple who dated for over 7 years before getting married have called it quits. Parminder and James have a two year old son.

It really is a shame that their marriage only lasted three years. They had such a nice wedding too, with many of her celeb friends attending and even having John Stamos play the drums at her wedding. I always say that Hollywood marriages are doomed. I always think some couples are going to make it and they dont.

I wonder if the secret to a celeb marriage is to move out of Hollywood? I really hope that some of these celebs who are getting ready to get married really think about what they are doing. I really believe that none of the celebrities out there take marriage seriously.

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