Ever lather up in Crisco and go looking to party?

Apparently this man felt that way, oh and he also had a small amount of meth as well. Hmmm, I guess that is a lesson to most people to stay away from a drug that eats holes in your brain, you never know when all reasoning could leave you. Arrested early Monday, this man is from Rock Island Illinois. Police responded to a call that a man was naked in public. This man was running down the street holding a can of crisco under his arm and a pair of shorts. He said, “he was looking for a place to party.” I sure am glad I was not having a party in that area.

Chad William Forber was charged with possession of methamphetamine, resisting or obstructing a peace officer and possession of drug paraphernalia according to the Associated Press. This was a short lived party for poor Mr. Forber.

Nicole” Snooki” Polizzi pregnant? Sources say she is

Oh let me tell you….. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is pregnant. Although Nicole tried to deny that she was expecting when she went to ABC’s Good morning America  sources say tthat the Jersey Shore reality star is currently 3 months pregnant. The father of her baby is Jionni LaValle.

Nicole told GoodMorning America “I definitely do want kids, but I’m not pregnant,” Snooki, 25, told Lara Spencer. “Being pregnant should be a real thing and a happy thing, and I’m not.”  I understand not wanting to say anything during the first three months of pregnancy but I also think that you should flat out lie about things when asked directly.

Maybe Snooki was waiting for a  magazine to offer her a good deal to publish the news of her pregnancy. If she was waiting for a magazine to publish the news The New York post has beat her to it. I am also thinking that one of the reasons for not coming out with the pregnancy news is that Snooki and J-woww have just begun filming their new show and the pregnancy will certainly change things for the show.

Did Natalie Portman and fiance Benjamin Millipied get married ?

Oh let me tell you… Did Natalie Portman and her fiance Benjamin Millepied pull a fast one on us and get married? It seems that the couple has yet again been able to keep it under the radar when they got hitched. Natalie and Ben showed up to the Oscars both wearign wedding rings but stayed mum on the subject.

The couple are notorious for being quite private and it seems that they have kept their nuptials the same way and just showed us that they are hitched. The couple quietly got engaged in dec 2019 and had a baby boy they named Aleph last June .

Natalie’s rings are made of recycled platinum and featuring an antique diamond surrounded by certified conflict-free stones, wwere designed to fit in with Portman’s earth-friendly lifestyle. I guess we will have to wait and see if there is any formal announcement of their nuptials but I seriously doubt it.


Sean Young arrested at the Governor’s ball

Oh let me tell you… Sean Young was arrested after being ejected from the Governor’s ball following Sunday’s night Oscar ceremony. It seems that Sean Young was arguing with the guard over taking pictures and not having a ticket for admittance. The actress, 52, was placed under citizens’ arrest by another member of the security force and then removed by police and booked for battery, reports TMZ.

TMZ says Young slapped a guard who may have placed a hand on her. I wonder if she was trying to protect some of her rings although I am sure none were engagment rings orange county has some of the best ones in my opinion.

Police officer Rosario Herrera confirmed the incident,  “Sean Young was arrested last night at 10:30 p.m. for battery at the 1700 block of Highland Ave. She was placed under citizen’s arrest and was later released from the Hollywood station.” People magazine tells us that During the entire Oscar show, Young was in the first floor lobby of the Hollywood and Highland Center, taking pictures with nearly every person she met.

This isn’t the first time Sean Young has tried to pull some funny business. In spring 2006, Entertainment Weekly recounted her attempt to crash the Vanity Fair Oscar party by trying to sneak in behind Jennifer Aniston. This too got Young escorted out.

Gerard Butler has gotten out of rehab and is doing great

Oh let me tell you … Gerard Butler has just finished a stint in rehab. Gerard is the man of my dreams and I wouldn’t mind buying him a few tungsten rings to show my devotion to him, where was I oh yeah … I am glad to see that Gerard got the help he needed as many actors and actresses won’t get the help til it’s to late.

Gerard Butler, 42, checked himself into the Betty Ford clinic three weeks ago because he realized he was becoming reliant on prescription drugs after being badly injured in a surfing accident in December, TMZ reported.

“Gerard has completed a successful course of treatment and has returned home in good health,” says the spokesperson. “We will not be making any further comment at this time.”  I am glad to see that Gerard has come back home and I can’t wait to see him back on the big screen and in my dreams.

Why haven’t we seen Jessica Biel’s engagement ring ?

Oh let me tell you…. Jessica Biel has been engged for a few months now and I still haven’t sen her engagement ring. I wonder why she is hiding it from public view? I bet if Justin Timberlake had given her some  titanium bracelets she wouldn’t have hidden it. Justin and Jessica had been dating for quite a while and if he didn’t propse he was going to lose her.

I am wondering if Jessica is still worried about Justin’s wondering eyes? I really hope Justin has gotten over his partying stage in life and is ready to settle down and have some kids. I am sorry to say that both of them are not getting any younger and if you have been a relationship for so long you should make an honest women out of her and settle down.

I really hope we see Jessica out with her engagement ring soon or I am going to be worried about them getting married.

It seems Jessica Simpson is thinking pink for her baby

Oh let me tell you …. Could Jessica Simpson be having a baby girl? It seems that jessica might be right in her prediction of having a baby girl. The singer was seen shopping for pink items along with her mom at  L.A.’s Bel Bambini boutique . Jessica is set to have a baby shower in March and it seems that the star is getting ready for her bundle of joy.

Jessica toook her time picking out the perfect baby items an observer said. I love seeing how happy and excited Jessica is with her upcoming arrival. I am just wondering if the stars are planning on getting married soon after the babies birth or if they will wait awhile for their wedding.

I am glad to see Jessica soo happy She cannot  wait to meet her baby . Bronx will soon have a little cousin to play with. I am sure the family can’t wait to meet the little bundle of joy either.

Nick Jonas and Delta Goodrem call it quits

Oh let me tell you…. Nick Jonas and Austrailian pop star Delta Goodrem have decided to go their separate ways. The couple that got together since last May have called it quits.  “Nick and Delta have decided to mutually end their relationship,” Goodrem’s rep confirmed to PEOPLE in a statement. “At this point in time, they are both focused on their careers as they go on different paths.”

The statement continues: “They remain friends and wish each other the best for the future.” Jonas’s rep declined to comment. I wonder if their age difference played a part in their breakup. Nick Jonas is 19 while Delta is 27. I guess I should get used to seeing older women with younger guys but when the age difference is more that 5 years I tend to cringe a little.

I wonder if it was Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher who started the whole younger men dating older women trend?

Mark Wahlberg takes his two oldest children to get his tattoos removed

Oh let me tell you… Mark Walhberg is making sure he teaches his children to learn from his mistakes. Mark took his two oldest children Ella Rae,8 and Michael 5 1/2 to have his tattooes removed. Mark’s kids learned how painful it is to have tattoos removed and he is hoping that his kids don’t make the same mistakes.

Mark also doesn’t want his kids in the business.

“I don’t want my kids to be in the entertainment business either, which is why I’m trying to build a lot of [separate] businesses,” Wahlberg says. “If they feel [passionate about acting], and that’s the decision they want to make, then I’ll support them. But I’ll do everything I can to point them in another direction.”

I see a lot of celebrities not wanting their children in showbiz as they are or were and it is perfectly understandable. I am glad that Mark cares enough to show his wife and children what a great father and husband he is. 


Robin Thicke is arrested for marijuana

Oh let me tell you… Robin Thicke got caught smoking marijuana in New York City this afternoon and was arrested. Paula Patton’s husband was smoking a joint in a black Cadillac Escalade although he was not driving h was still approached by officers and was arrested for smoking a joint.

Robin Thicke wass given a desk appearance ticket and then let go. I don’t know about ya’ll but I don’t think that is a good example to be setting for his 22 month old son. I guess some people are more free and dont mind getting caught smoking. I really don’t know what it is with celebrities, either they dont care to get caught or they think they are above the law.

I would have expected this kind of behavior from some rappers out there but to come from such a wonderful singer shocks me. Maybe I am raised old school because these kind of things shock the crap out of me.